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13th March 2010

The Traditional Archery Society of Ireland
Preserving the ways of our Forefathers

The Society, known as TASI, has been in existence since 1999. It is a non-sectarian, non-political group of longbow archers dedicated to encouraging the use of traditional bows and arrows. The members belong to various archery clubs in Ireland, though most members live in Northern Ireland.

Members take part in target and field shoots and in historical and battle re-enactment. TASI has a strong Demo team which puts on demonstrations of archery in various historical periods and is particularly well-known for its 15th Century Wars of the Roses demo.

TASI also offers have-a-go sessions for corporate and council events and Archery Leader courses for youth groups.

The Carrick Free Company

Tasiís medieval household The Carrick Free Company has grown considerably in the last two years and is now the strongest part of the Society, attending events in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, taking part in battle re-enactments and living history encampments.

Archery is still the main activity of the members and seven members recently gained longbow coach status, bringing to ten the number of members qualified to teach longbow archery. However all archers are expected to have another craft skill and the Company has, among others, a fletcher, coiner, bronze worker, leather worker, weaver, historian and storyteller. Junior members of the Society are all archers in their own right and are often seen as part of the demo under instruction from a senior archer.

Viking re-enactment is the other mainstay of the Carrick Free Company although other periods have been represented recently, in particular Ireland in the 17th Century.

The Carrick Free Company is affiliated to The Vikings and is a member of the Towton Battlefield Preservation Society.

Picture to the right: Peter and Stevie, the first recruits for the Carrick Free Company.
Peter and Stevie, the first recruits for the Carrick Free Company.

Our Secretary, Hilary Robinson, has just won her class (Ladies Longbow) at the UK Championships in England for the 4th time and on this occasion has also set a new UK record.

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