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13th March 2010


March 28 Commemoration of the Battle of Towton (England)

May 1-2 O'Kane Clan Gathering

June 6 Downhill Joust - Archery demo and have-a-go

June 12 Hillsborough. Smaller event than usual with just TASI, Blackstaff Archers, musketry display and swordsmen.

June 13 Carrickfergus. On the green outside the castle as usual, archery demo

July 10-11 Tewkesbury. Large medieval festival, fair and battles. (England)

July 24-25 Berkeley Castle. Small medieval event. (England)

August 1 Dunluce Castle, archery demo

August 21-22 Lanark Medieval Festival. (Scotland) TASI demo, Viking and Scottish Wars of Independence skirmishes, medieval fair. If you can only go to one event outside NI, consider this one.

Sept 4 Hillsborough, archery demo and have-a-go, musketry.

Sept 12 Dunluce, archery demo

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